Genevieve, I want to sincerely thank you for being such

a compassionate and fabulous reiki instructor.

I had such a fun time learning reiki with you.

I appreciate all you do and have done for me & R.

Thanks again.

My mom really enjoyed her session. She felt relaxed and rejuvenated. This
was a great birthday gift! Thank you for the new experience!

Hi Geneviève!
I loved the long distance session with you! I feel lighter today! I slept like a rock and that is something I have not done in a while!

Thank you so much for your work! You are an amazing and extremely talented energy worker/healer, and a phenomenal intuitive! I am so honored to have been gifted by you with your work with me!


Genevieve, thank you so much for your visit and treatment today.

Like always, I enjoy the calming effect Reiki does to my body and mind. I feel refreshed and much more clear-minded. I find Reiki has this effect on my husband Rocco, as he does not sleep much and during a Reiki treatment, he always falls asleep and it usually lasts for 2 hrs.

My dog Lucky also comes around whenever you enter my home and sits beside you and I notice he falls asleep as well. I have mentioned to you that Lucky usually only comes around to greet people and goes off on his own.I find when you are at my home, he stays around you. It brings peace, calmness, tranquility, and positive energy to the body and home.

Thank You so much!!!!!

We love the Reiki treatment, I think everyone should experience it!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for the long distance session. I don't know how you did it, but I truly feel so much better & you were right , I did feel tired & I had a lay down this afternoon. The pain has almost gone. I have non of the discomfort I felt this morning. I feel so much more positive about my recovery. What you have done for me today is remarkable. Thank you from my heart.


Geneviève has a natural ability to identify areas of need and work on them to alleviate the associated stress. During my sessions I experience a high level of relaxation that is elusive in my hectic life. I always leave feeling renewed and refreshed, with a new positive energy.

I definitely recommend Geneviève, and I am confident one would feel the positive effects of her treatments!

The first time I ever experienced Reiki was at the hands of Geneviève.
The calming atmosphere combined with Geneviève's healing hands made my session
unbelievably effective in releasing the stress I had festering inside me. I used to spend money on massages only to feel temporary relief from my symptoms, but since having sessions with Geneviève, my entire balance of self and life have been restored.


6 months ago my girlfriend began seeing Geneviève and me being a skeptic
I didn't truly believe her fascination with this technique. After a few months of hearing her constant testimony and the positive change in her outlook, she finally convinced me to go and it was powerful. Within the session Geneviève had me in such a relaxed state that I actually fell asleep (which for me is a very strange occurrence since I'm very weary of new people). Geneviève made me feel beyond comfortable within 5 minutes of meeting her and my stress level being at an 8 when i got there was reduced to a relaxed 3 when I left. I work construction so sharing your emotions isn't exactly a daily thing, but after my experience I was telling everyone on sight about the positive energy Geneviève had me experience...

I am living in South of France, and Geneviève has helped me many times with Reiki long distance: for rheumatoid polyarthritis strong pains or any problem I can have. Last time was 2 weeks ago: every night I woke up, panic stricken, as my breathing was stopped by some catarrh coming up, and that a friend of mine had told me her brother died that way. I told Geneviève, she did a Reiki session on me and it stopped right away!

I feel very lucky. Her Reiki "changed my life too"!

Hello Everyone,
My name is Monika, and i recently had the pleasure to experience Reiki
Therapy which was performed by Genevieve. I absolutely loved it! During the
session i felt very relaxed and comfortable that i wanted it to last
forever. Following the session i felt 10 years younger and had a boost of
energy. I definately recommend Reiki Therapy.

Thank You again Genevieve


For those of you that are open to holistic healing modalities, I highly
recommend Genevieve Bailey -
Life Force Reiki She did a remote Reiki
session for me that was truly life-changing and so appreciated.
Thank you Genevieve for sharing your healing talent, authenticity and love
with the world. You are an angel!


Thank you for the session! I feel so much better! I feel like I am dancing
in the air!


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