My name is Genevieve Bailey. I am the proprietor and Usui Reiki Master of Life Force Reiki. I am a registered member of the Canadian Reiki Association.

My life changed the day I discovered Reiki. I was a mom who had lost herself in the 'daily race’ trying to help and please everyone around, but always seemingly forgetting herself. I realized that it was ok to stop to take care of myself too. Energy breaks are important to recharge our batteries so that we can meet daily stress and demands with more pleasure and serenity.

That’s why I love Reiki. It is such a gentle yet deeply powerful complimentary therapy.

I have created this website as part of my new year’s resolution where I decided to stand in my truth and dance in my passion. When you listen to your heart, follow your passion and find your life purpose, then life becomes truly magical.

As I found my calling, my goal through this website is to be of service and share this life force energy with everyone that crosses my path.

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